Case Study:

Client: YYES

Industry: Design, Advertising and Branding

Location: Los Angeles and Minneapolis

After a decade of steady growth and success as a small and focused boutique design studio, YYES needed a strategic plan to ensure it could meet the needs of a growing client list while planning for future growth.

About YYES

YYES is a boutique design firm that works with clients in a wide range of industries. It offers personal service and ongoing partnership, helping clients to creatively meet their business marketing and communications needs with delightful, well-considered solutions. Headquartered in Los Angeles and with offices in Minneapolis, YYES has operated for 11 years providing virtually every type of marketing collateral, advertising, interactive, and identity work.


YYES successfully built its business primarily due to the company’s high-quality design work and the relationships they build with their clients. YYES prides itself on creating a unique rapport and ongoing partnership with each client, based on the belief that working with your design firm should always be the highlight of your day. YYES has been successful and revenues have grown over the years. New employees have been added to serve its existing clients, but demand continues to grow. The partners at YYES wanted to address issues that would help them strategically plan for future growth.

Orange B conducted initial evaluations and identified specific needs for YYES:

  • Maintain strong customer relationships during future growth
  • Leverage accolades and awards to build awareness
  • Diversify customer base
  • Attract qualified talent with a good fit to the studio and its clients
  • Expand to new geographic markets
  • Evaluate design opportunities that integrate and leverage social media


Working with YYES, Orange B helped to develop a strategy to address the company’s challenges. By developing formal processes for generating and qualifying new client leads, increasing brand awareness, and attracting new talent, the partners could concentrate on their priorities, particularly their role in cultivating and nurturing client relationships and mentoring new design talent.

Furthermore, the partners’ involvement in the community, mainstream and social media, and other business and industry organizations would help to increase visibility for YYES in its desired markets, facilitate lead generation and recruiting, and position YYES as respected industry experts.

Orange B collaborated with YYES to develop specific steps toward a number of high-level goals:

  • Clarify internal processes for managing projects and project communications
  • Establish a public relations plan to increase brand awareness
  • Refine formal lead generation and qualification processes
  • Identify untapped organizations, industry groups, and media that provide appropriate leads
  • Evaluate roles of current and potential new employees to optimize efficiency
  • Leverage partners’ expertise through networking and promotional activities to generate new business
  • Plan programs and events to promote brand awareness
  • Identify strategies to use social media to increase brand visibility


Orange B developed an action plan for YYES with specific action items, deliverables, owners, and dates to facilitate implementation of the plan.

Formerly focused almost entirely outward on its clients’ needs, YYES now holds regularly scheduled meetings to review progress on its internal business, to brainstorm new ideas for lead generation and project efficiency, and to evaluate success of the new programs.

YYES also brought on board a studio manager with specific social media savvy who could help advance and track projects as well as promote a social media strategy for YYES across Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and Flickr.

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