Orange B is a marketing consulting firm that develops business plans and marketing plans for emerging startup and established companies. We work with people who are passionate about the products and services they provide to their customers. Our specialty is helping clients to plan for each new phase of business, including: starting a new business, launching a new product, creating a social media strategy, looking for investors, or re-evaluating the company direction.

With a range of experience in entrepreneurial and corporate environments, Orange B recognizes the importance of having a good product as well as a strategy that clearly differentiates the company and products in the market. This strategy is essential to attracting and retaining customers. While many businesses are focused on their day-to-day operations, we work with each client to step back, look at the big picture and evaluate the current situation. Using the client’s vision as a guide, we develop a solid plan to build market awareness and effectively position the company and products to achieve business objectives. By working side by side with our clients, we enable them to continue to drive their business while preparing for the next level of success.

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Pavita Howe has over 10 years of strategic marketing experience in emerging startup and corporate environments, where she has worked with many creative, intelligent and visionary people. During her career, Pavita has helped to position, launch and market many new products in enterprise, consumer and online markets. Her focus on messaging, positioning and strategy have helped to differentiate companies and their products from the competition and gain visibility, even in crowded markets.

pavitaAs a marketing executive, Pavita also represented companies at industry conferences and on national public relations and media tours, resulting in significant company exposure. Working with senior executives, she developed corporate marketing and business plans, presented them to venture capitalists and M&A candidates, and was closely involved in the acquisition process as head of marketing of a privately held company.

Pavita serves as a Marketing Mentor for TechLaunch, New Jersey’s first technology accelerator program, backed by the New Jersey Economic Development Authority. She is involved with many business organizations and has been a featured speaker at events such as the Own It Ventures Conference  in New York, the Somerset County Chamber of Commerce, and the Princeton Tech Meetup.

Prior to founding Orange B Strategic Marketing, Pavita held positions as Vice President of Marketing Strategy and Launch Planning at Genesys (an Alcatel-Lucent company), and Director of Marketing at Forte Software, an Internet software company. Pavita holds a B.Sc. in Nutritional Biochemistry from the University of Guelph and an MBA in Marketing from the DeGroote School of Business at McMaster University in Ontario, Canada. You can find her on Linked In here: http://www.linkedin.com/in/pavitahowe

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